Catching Fire: The Art of Being in the Flow

In today’s episode (Ep. 883) of the “Increase Your Impact with Justin Su’a | A Podcast For Leaders,” he talks about being “in the zone” and “catching on fire.” He uses the example of starting a fire with two sticks and what is necessary for that process to be successful.


The autoignition temperature, or the lowest temperature at which wood will spontaneously ignite into flames, is anywhere between 424-475 degrees Fahrenheit. If you’ve ever tried to start a fire by rubbing two sticks together you know it is not an easy task. In your mind, you are giving everything you have to make a fire, but you rarely experience a flame. Why? In the podcast, Su’a gives us two principles to create fire.



As it holds true in igniting a fire with two sticks, you need to be both relentless AND consistent. One without the other will not result in a spark. There needs to be an intensity to the process and an ability to rub the sticks together in the exact same spot over time in order to raise the temperature to spontaneously ignite the wood.

The reminder Justin gives us with this analogy is to do everything “on purpose, with purpose.” We can’t attack every day relentlessly without consistency, and our consistency doesn’t matter if we don't pursue our daily tasks without energy and passion. If we can put both of these principles into practice, we will have a simple recipe to perform at our highest level. So if you want to “be in your bag” and catch fire in what you do every day, pursue a relentless and consistent mindset.

You can listen to the audio of this podcast on iTunes or by clicking this link: Catching Fire

Justin Su’a is the mental skills coach for the Tampa Bay Rays and Cleveland Browns. He recently contributed to a World Series while serving in the same position for the Boston Red Sox. You can follow him on social media @JustinSua.