Is Cam Newton a Terrible Leader?


He was beaten.  The Denver defense was simply better on the day that it mattered most.  He has every right to be frustrated.  

Six sacks, two fumbles, and one interception later; Cam Newton sits in a chair in front of members of the media who will ask anything to get a good story.  I mean, this dude just lost one of the biggest games of his life and now he has to answer for it?  It was guaranteed that the media would ask the worst questions at the worst time.  Any one of us would naturally react to this situation with negativity and frustration, right?


Frustration is understandable, especially after losing a game as big as the Super Bowl.  None of us understand the pressure these guys face and we can certainly respect the hard work and dedication they encompass over the course of a long, grueling season.  It was obvious that Luke Kuechly and Josh Norman were hurt by the loss and expressed their frustration.  I can't imagine getting that far only to come up short.  But Cam Newton is the leader of his team and everyone knows it.  The only voice that mattered after that game was his...


Leaders are bound to fail. They will have a choice to respond with class or react with disdain. The choice they make will determine if their leadership will make a positive or negative impact on those around them.

There were no other thoughts that I had other than that I was disappointed with this so called "leader" and his lack of character after a tough loss.  In case you have no clue what I'm talking about, here is a clip of his postgame press conference:


Before you start getting defensive, truth be told, I really like watching Cam Newton play football.  I've never seen someone play with the kind of energy and passion that he brings every day.  His smile lights up the room and his dancing entertains me.  He is a fantastic football player and a great person.  The fact that kids want to grow up to be like Cam Newton should be enough to make you realize that this guy is special.  


Ok, so let's go back to the real question.  Is Cam Newton a terrible leader?  No, he is not.  But his reactions in the post game press conference last night were unacceptable.  Here we have a 26 year old man that acted like my two year old daughter when she can't have more than three pieces of chewy sweet tarts before bed.  Life is tough and unfair.  Get over it!  Cam Newton is as natural of a leader as they come and he chose to react to a situation rather than respond.  The dabbing and dancing is all great, but show consistency in your leadership. Be the same man you are after a loss as you are after a win.  Some say he was displaying wisdom by walking off the stage before he said something he would regret.  I don't buy that.  He's better than that. There is no doubt that he has what it takes to be a great quarterback.  He's proven that.  But if he wants to sustain his success and impact lives the way he says he does, then he needs to learn how to handle failure.  I think Cam Newton is a tremendous leader that had a bad game both on and off the field last night.  But at the same time, his actions were unacceptable.  There is no excusing his whining and pouting, regardless of circumstances.  I fail.  You fail.  We all fail.  But that's not a good enough excuse!  We need to change.

Control what you can control. You can’t control the circumstances or the outcome of the game. You can’t control the questions you’re asked or the criticism you’ll face. But regardless of what happens, you always have the opportunity to control your attitude.

Cam Newton is not a terrible leader.  He is a 26 year old man that has unlimited potential.  I do not excuse his reaction last night, but this experience could be a game changer for Cam.  If he can learn from his failure and respond with wisdom to change, there is no reason that I wouldn't become his biggest fan.  

The ball will be in your hands once again, Cam, and everyone will be looking at how you respond.

*Noted - It is clear that Cam Newton heard the Broncos players press conference and walked off after hearing their comments.  Again, his actions are understandable, but not acceptable.  The NFL needs to put a little more thought into the placement of post game pressers as it can play a part in situations like this.