See what people are saying about Coach Wingreen.


Andrew is eager to help those around him anyway he can. He is a man of great character and puts his values above all. Andrew is a leader both on and off the court and he is a terrific role model for all those around him. As I can attest to from my current time in the NBA as well as having served in similar collegiate roles as Andrew, being a college basketball coach can be very demanding. Andrew has excelled in his career due to his passion for the game and his positive upbeat attitude.
— J.P. Clark; Los Angeles Clippers
His character is that which I desire my players and even my children to aspire towards. Honesty, integrity, selflessness and a good work ethic are several of great character traits that Andrew consistently displays. These are things in which he also desires to teach his players which are far more valuable than any basketball skill taught.
— Wayne Simien; University of Kansas
Coach Wingreen is a tireless recruiter who knows how to find hidden gems.
— Kyle Perry; Limestone University
Andrew is diligent and hard working. His various positions require attention to detail, excellent time management skills, and the ability to interact well with his peers and superiors. He is a good example of servant leadership in all of his roles.
— Neal Ring; Bob Jones University
Andrew is meticulous when it comes to preparation. Whether he is scouting a game or preparing a scouting report, Andrew does a phenomenal job in organizing his thoughts and presenting a clear presentation to the staff and players. I am convinced his work won our team games, and helped prepare us for battle every night.
— Pete Wehry; Nations of Coaches
Andrew doesn’t look at a clock. He looks at his goals and he is willing to work as long as hard as necessary to help the organization and team achieve their goals.
— Paul Whitt


Coach Wingreen is one of the most intelligent and caring coaches I’ve ever had. Every day it was evident that he strived to improve as a coach and as a friend to me. I tell people all the time that he is one of the best college coaches in America due to the investment he makes in his players.
— Larry Taylor; Former Bob Jones University Player
Coach Wingreen has not only been a great coach to me in basketball, but also as a friend and mentor I can go to for anything. He challenges me physically, mentally, and spiritually day in and day out. He built a relationship with my family and I from day one, and that is a major reason why I am playing at Bob Jones University today.
— Marshall Riddle; Former Bob Jones University Player