Leaving Your Comfort Zone

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.
— Benjamin Franklin

Oddly enough, I am a very quiet person.  I sometimes don't like to be around large groups of people and when I am, I'm not always the most outgoing person.  When people ask me questions I am always more than happy to engage them and answer, but I don't naturally seek out conversations with everyone in the room.  I don't like speaking in front of people because I frequently feel uncomfortable and inadequate.  I force myself to succeed in these situations, but it's not always easy.


The profession I am called to serve in requires me to do a lot of things that, naturally, I do not like to do.   I need to engage people in conversations and sincerely show interest in who they are as a person.  Speaking in front of people on a daily basis will be necessary and they will expect me to be an expert in everything I am talking about.  It's always intimidating to perform outside of my comfort zone,  but I'm thankful for these opportunities to face my fears.  Although these things aren't natural for me, I always remind myself to thrive in these uncomfortable situations.  When these moments arise, I try to keep in mind these three absolutes:


I always need to remind myself that I'm not perfect and I will make mistakes.  If I am fearful of making mistakes I will never grow.  Instead, I need to embrace my faults and failures and use them ignite a greater passion for what I do.  My motives need to be directed towards doing MY best, not trying please everyone else.  


I'm inspired by imperfect people.  When I see someone overcome their mistakes and make something out of nothing, it inspires me to do the same.  By getting out of my comfort zone and doing something that I never thought I could do, I can have the same impact of inspiring others and changing their lives.  When I decide to make a difference is when success will find me.


The best way to learn is to teach, by doing.  When I make myself do hard things I gain valuable experience that I couldn't learn any other way.  I can watch videos, read books, and write articles all day long, but until I actually put what I've learned into action I won't get very far.  Getting out of my comfort zone is necessary if I want to be great.