Mental Toughness Is A Choice

In recent talk at PGC Basketball, Chad Songy discussed the idea of mental toughness.  He shared about how the way we think can dictate certain actions in our life that influence our mentality.  




When we choose to allow our feelings (fatigue, stress, anger, entitlement, etc.) to dictate what we do with our actions, (body language, work ethic, etc) we are telling people about who we are as a person.  Our identity becomes a microcosm of our feelings, which can be very self-serving.  

On the other hand, when we choose to allow our identity to dictate our actions we become stronger.  When we know who we are as a person, player, or coach, we have the ability to act upon something that has meaning.  My body language and work ethic now become a reflection of my greater purpose.  When I fulfill my purpose it naturally builds up the way I feel by giving me confidence, energy, and contentment.  

Mentally tough people act because of their identity, not their feelings.  

Mental toughness is what you CHOOSE to put your focus on.
— Chad Songy; PGC Basketball

Taken from a talk given by PGC Basketball's, Chad Songy.