Be A Torchbearer

Everyone is called to lead, but few accept the mantle.
— Nancy Duarte

This past week I listened to an EntreLeadership podcast with Nancy Duarte, author of Illuminate.  During the interview, she explained the meaning behind why she refers to leaders as "torchbearers."  Here are a few ideas she shared about being a torchbearer.

1. The reason someone would carry a torch is because it is dark outside and they need to see what's ahead of them.  "The torchbearer is someone who casts just enough light into the future to dissipate enough fears, so people will want to go there."

The leader is going through the journey with their team.
— Nancy Duarte

2. The torchbearer doesn't carry a light that shines for miles down the road, but rather gives the people that are following the necessary light they need to take the next step.  "Be cognizant of the long game and what it takes for your travelers to endure."

3. Torchbearers know how to read their followers.  They listen and understand what needs to take place.  They are able to "sustain momentum, create endurance, and have moments of bravery; the will and moxie to keep going."

So much of why people can’t move forward is because they can’t let go of the past.
— Nancy Duarte

Coaching is all about creating a vision and inspiring your team to endure the next step of the journey.  Carry this idea of being a "torchbearer" with you and find ways to lead your players to the final destination!

Thanks for reading! - Coach Wingreen