#DefenseWeek - 2 v 2 Fight For Vision


2 v 2 Fight for Vision is a great drill to train players to see ball & man while being in a constant state of relocation & movement.  As you can see from the diagram below, there are 4 progressions you can go through to work on various phases of defense.  

To start out, have a coach or manager remain stationary at a spot with the ball.  Give the offensive players freedom to cut whenever they want.  Your defenders must find a way to "fight for vision" the entire time.  This drill will help your players awareness as they relocate constantly.  Read the descriptions in the diagram to get a better feel for how the drill works.


  1. Commit to proper positioning on the floor.  Always be in great GAP and help position.
  2. Make sure that defenders head is always on a swivel, fighting for vision to see ball and man.
  3. Focus on their communication with each other.  Vision is often times strengthened when our other senses (such as hearing) are stimulated. 
  4. Urge the offensive players to make hard cuts and to make it difficult for the defense.  The harder the offense works, the better the defense will become.

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