How to Sprint the Floor for Post Players: Wisconsin's Ethan Happ

Ethan Happ gives a textbook example of how to run the floor in transition.  After securing a defensive rebound and making the outlet pass, Happ puts his head down and sprints right down the middle of the floor.  He beats his man down the floor, but when he doesn't receive a pass in stride, he initiates contact with his defender at the elbow to hold his position.  By doing this, he allows Zak Showalter to get a better angle to make an easy post feed.  Because Happ kept his defender on top, he was able to leverage great positioning and make a quick move to the basket.  

How to Shot Fake: Villanova's Kris Jenkins


Villanova's Kris Jenkins utilized the shot fake to perfection over the weekend during their game vs. Notre Dame.  As you'll see in the video below, he was able to get two points and a free throw simply because of his ability to use a shot fake.  


On the catch, Jenkins does everything the same way he would as if he were going to shoot the basketball.  His feet are ready and his knees are bent, exactly like they are when he shoots.  The defender must respect his shooting ability because Jenkins gives the impression that he is going to shoot.  When he performs the shot fake, he keeps his legs loaded, ready to explode.  Many young players will extend their knees, which takes away their ability to drive.  By keeping his legs loaded he is able to quickly go past the defender.  


But before he can go past the defender, he must get him in the air.  He accomplishes this by executing a patient, but crisp shooting motion.  His fake takes approximately 0.3 seconds, the amount of time multiple studies have shown is needed for the human mind to react.  His eyes stay focused on the rim giving the impression that he is locked in.  Everything looks exactly like he is going to shoot, which gets the defender to bite and leave the floor.

As he drives, he executes a great jump stop and gives another quick shot fake.  Just like the earlier fake, he keeps his legs loaded with his eyes on the rim.  The fake takes just long enough for the defender to react before Jenkins initiates contact and gets the And 1.