Maryland End of Game Set

Maryland executed this great set at the end of the game to take the lead @ Michigan.  As the ball is entered into the post, Maryland is able to keep great spacing on the floor.  Anthony Cowen Jr. takes his man to the weak side of the floor to clear out any help side defense.  Because he changes his speed, his defender must honor him as a cutter, which takes him out of his help side responsibilities.  Darryl Morsell relocates to the corner to give Michal Cekovsky room to make the pass.  Kevin Huerter does a fantastic job of setting up his man and exploding off the down screen set by Joshua Tomaic.  Huerter gets his feet set and makes a great shot to take the lead.  Unfortunately for Maryland, they would foul on the next possession and lose to Michigan on a pair of free throws.  

*Another option is for the 4 to slip the screen if the defense tries to take away the shot at the top of the key.  

Michigan State ATO SLOB - Screen/Re-Screen

This play was drawn up by Coach Tom Izzo on January 23, 2016 in a must-win game for Michigan State vs. Maryland.  Izzo called a timeout with just under 1:00 remaining in the first half with the ball on the sideline.  The play was executed to perfection and contained multiple actions that were hard to guard.  Take a look at the video clip and diagram below to see what happened.